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No matter the applications, there is an OhmegaPly® product to fit your specific needs.

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OhmegaPly RCM

OhmegaPly RCM (Resistor Conductor Material) consists of ED (electrodeposited) copper foil and NiP (Nickel Phosphorous) resistive alloy. The NiP metal alloy is plated electrically onto the matte, or tooth side, of the copper foil.

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OhmegaPly Laminates

OhmegaPly RCM is laminated to a dielectric material (like any other copper foil) and subtractively processed to produce copper circuitry and planar resistors. OhmegaPly RCM can be bonded to almost any dielectric material including FR4, Lead-Free, Polyimide, PTFE, LCP and Kapton. OhmegaPly laminates are offered by Ohmega Technologies who subcontracts the lamination to the Independent Laminators. It is also directly available from Arlon, Rogers and Taconic bonded to PTFE and other RF dielectric materials.


OhmegaPly® MTR™ (Micro Trace Resistors™)

OhmegaPly® MTR® technology allows thin film resistors to be built within a printed circuit trace that is less than 100 microns (0.004") wide.  Using standard subtractive printed circuit board processes, it is ideal for high density interconnect (HDI) designs where passive component placement is difficult or impossible.

By utilizing the differential processes unique to the OhmegaPly® nickel phosphorous (NiP) resistive material, copper traces can be imaged and etched to define resistor widths that are precise and sharply defined, resulting in the creation of miniature resistors with consistent ohmic values. With low inductance and good tolerances, the OhmegaPly® MTR® resistors are ideal for line termination and pull-up/down applications.

To learn more, contact Bruce Mahler at 310-559-4400 or by email.


OhmegaPly ORBIT

OhmegaPly ORBIT is a 10 ohm per square sheet resistivity product that allows the embedded resistor to be built within a circuit trace. Ideal for low value termination applications, OhmegaPly ORBIT is used in many high density designs where space is a premium, enabling higher I/O and component densities and reduced form factors. OhmegaPly ORBIT has a tight 3% material tolerance, which allows for very small resistor footprints and excellent finished resistor value tolerances. OhmegaPly ORBIT is also used in a variety of other applications, including as OhmegaFlex heaters and large area radomes.



OhmegaPly RCM can be laminated to flexible substrates and used in flexible or rigid-flex applications. OhmegaFlex is used as heater elements, flex cable terminators and in other packaging applications where circuit height and flexibility are critical. OhmegaPly resistors are very stable on flex materials and repeated flexing of an OhmegaPly resistor (either embedded in a multilayer circuit or with coverlay for surface resistors) does not cause a change in resistor value.


OhmegaPly RF

OhmegaPly enjoys wide use in a variety of microwave and RF circuits.  Phased array antennas, Wilkinson power dividers and resistive cards (r-cards) are a few applications that have employed OhmegaPly. Integration of OhmegaPly into microwave circuits has many desirable benefits including greater packaging densities, elimination of resistor assembly, weight savings and reduction in the parasitic inductances and capacitances associated with discrete chip resistors. OhmegaPly has been tested beyond 40 GHz with excellent stability and low insertion loss primarily due to the low profile nature of the copper foil that is used for bonding to PTFE substrates. OhmegaPly is available on Arlon, Rogers and Taconic substrates as well as other low dielectric constant/low loss materials.

Ohmega Faradflex Demo Circuit


Ohmega/FaradFlex is a combined resistor/capacitor core consisting of OhmegaPly RCM laminated to Oak-Mitsui’s FaradFlex capacitive laminate materials.  The combined product allows for embedded RC networks on the same inner layer core of a multilayer circuit board. Using standard subtractive PCB processing, the combined product yields discrete embedded resistors and distributed or discrete capacitors.  World-wide patents are held jointly by Ohmega Technologies and Oak/Mitsui.

Technology Application Products

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