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Ohmega’s Embedded Resistor technology is tried, tested and trusted. For over 35 years.

Ohmega’s Embedded Resistor technology is tried, tested and trusted. For over 40 years.

Overview of the OhmegaPly Technology


OhmegaPly® is a nickel-phosphorous (NiP) metal alloy that is electrodeposited onto the matte, or tooth side, of copper foil.   The thin film NiP metal alloy/copper foil combination is called OhmegaPly RCM® (Resistor Conductor Material). RCM is laminated to a dielectric material (like any other copper foil) and subtractively processed (Print and Etch) to produce copper circuitry and planar resistors. Because of its thin film nature, it can be embedded within layers without increasing the thickness of the board or occupying any board surface area as is required for discrete chip resistors.


Specifications and Properties

Ordering and specifying OhmegaPly has never been easier!

Download guidelines for more information.

OhmegaPly Technology Design Guide

OhmegaPly Design Guide

Here’s a helpful guide for spec’ing OhmegaPly in your projects.

Open Toolbox for instructions.


OhmegaPly Processing Guide

These are guidelines for processing OhmegaPly Resistors.

There are download guidebooks.   Open Toolbox for instructions


Environmental Compliance


Ohmega Technologies, Inc. supports "The Global e-Sustainability Initiative".  OhmegaPly is a “green” technology in compliance with US environmental regulatory requirements and the EU Directives.

  • DRC conflict free supplier
  • EU RoHS and REACH
  • U/L Approval as a “Repackager of Laminates.”
  • Laminates formulated for lead-free assembly available.
  • MSDS available upon request.
  • Certificates of Compliance issued upon shipment.
OhmegaPly Cost Reduction

OhmegaPly Cost Reduction

There are distinct cost advantages to using OhmegaPly.

Costs shown are examples only. Quotations issued upon receipt of required information. Download "Ordering Information" and open Toolbox for quotations.

Technology Application Products

Get your OhmegaPly Toolbox with assistance in design, design tools, simulations, reference material, technical documentation and other resources.