Ohmega Technologies to exhibit at PCB West 2016


Ohmega Technologies Inc. will be exhibiting at the PCB West 2016 show September 13th to the 15th at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California. Come visit us at booth number 200 to see how an Ohmega solution will work for you.


Ohmega Technologies Exhibiting at IPC APEX EXPO 2016


Ohmega Technologies Inc. will be exhibiting at the IPC APEX EXPO 2016 show in Las Vegas, Nevada from  March 15th through the 17th at booth #925. Stop by and learn more about recent developments including our 12 micron standard offering.

OhmegaPly on 12 micron copper now standard offering.


News Release: October, 2015

Ohmega Technologies, Inc., the manufacturer of OhmegaPly® embedded resistive materials, is pleased to announce the expansion of its product offering to include the following new items:

  • MTR® grade of low profile, 12 micron copper in 10, 25, 50 and 100 ohm per square sheet resistivities. This addition to the OhmegaPly® product line is in response to the increasing demand for embedded resistors on layers with finer lines and spaces.
  • A new A-grade of chemically resistive OhmegaPly 25 ohm per square product. The expansion of the A-grade of sheet resistivites to include the 25 ohm product provides the PCB designer with additional options for lower value resistor designs requiring more precise resistor values and excellence electrical performance.

For more information please contact Bruce Mahler at Ohmega Technologies at 310-559-4400 or by email at bmahler@ohmega.com.

Segtro LTD. appointed to represent Ohmega Technologies in Israel.


Ohmega Technologies Inc., is pleased to announce Segtro LTD. as local representative in Israel. If conducting business in the region and more information is needed about OhmegaPly or other Ohmega products please contact Segtro Ltd. at;

Segtro Ltd.
6 Menachem Begin St,
Petach Tiqva, Zip 4973206, ISRAEL
Email:               ami@segtro.com
Cell:                  +972-50-5772333
WWW Page:      http://www.segtro.com

Ohmega Technologies exhibiting at IMS 2015 show


Ohmega Technologies Inc. will be exhibiting at the IMS 2015 show in Phoenix from  May 19th through the 21st, booth #2312.   Featured will be OhmegaPly® RF for R-cards and electromagnet absorbers.

For more information about OhmegaPly use in power dividers please click here, OhmegaPly RF_Power Dividers

For more information about OhmegaPly use in R-cards and electromagnetic absorbers please click here, OhmegaPly RF_Absorbers

IMS2015 Logo

OhmegaPly in ESA Beagle 2 Mars lander


The Beagle 2 Mars lander was found intact on the surface of Mars after disappearing 11 years ago during its descent.  The discovery shows that the probe landed successfully but failed to unfold itself properly on the Martian surface.

The lander was designed to search for signs of life on Mars and characterize Martian geology, weather and climate, among other tasks.

OhmegaPly was used in several of the lander’s printed circuit boards including as heaters in the X-Ray Spectrometer.

OhmegaPly has been used in many leading edge, mission critical and harsh environments for five decades.

Beagle 2 lander image


Ohmega Technologies, Inc. Board Shop Process Support Group Formed


Ohmega Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce the creation of an OhmegaPly® Process Support Group. The Group’s charter is to lend technical and logistical support for PCB shops interested in processing OhmegaPly® embedded resistive technology. Highlights of that support are:
• In house and on-site technical support—over 40 years of OhmegaPly design and process experience
• Free material samples and test artwork for process capability studies
• Free processing of inner layer panels for the Ohmega strip step (copper sulfate solution differential etch) to support initial board shop production
• Free resistor footprint library creation
• Design review—send us your Gerber and we will do a resistor design rule check
• Detailed Processing Guidelines and Process Information
• Review and critique of OhmegaPly processed layers
For more information or to request a starter kit of OhmegaPly samples and test artwork please contact Bruce Mahler at bmahler@ohmega.com or call at 310-559-4400